Cursos y niveles - cursos de ESPAÑOL

Nuestra metodología se fundamenta en el enfoque comunicativo. El objetivo que perseguimos consiste en que, el alumno pueda llegar a utilizar correctamente el nuevo idioma en cualquier situación. Por eso, además de enseñar estructuras gramaticales o lingüísticas, incidimos en la necesidad de adquirir una competencia comunicativa.

Utilizamos métodos de español para extranjeros estructurados en varios niveles según los requerimientos del Marco de referencia europeo y el plan Curricular del Instituto Cervantes.

Antes de empezar el curso los estudiantes realizan una prueba de nivel (de manera online, desde casa). Según esta prueba de nivel los alumnos son clasificados en diferentes niveles según los niveles del Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las lenguas (MCER).

“La base de nuestra metodología es la comunicación” ​

profesora español irene

La base de nuestra metodología es la comunicación. Queremos que los estudiantes puedan desenvolverse bien en España.

Irene Prats

Jefa de estudios de español

profesora patricia

Es sorprendente ver cómo nuestros estudiantes aprenden tan rápido y disfrutan mientras aprenden.

patricia penadés

Jefa de estudios de inglés


tabla con los niveles espanol y la duració de los cursos


Dirigidos a estudiantes que no tienen ningún conocimiento de español o saben algunas palabras o expresiones aisladas. Al completar estos cursos, el alumno puede comunicarse en presente y en pretérito perfecto y utilizar expresiones muy básicas.


Dirigidos a estudiantes que ya poseen un grado de conocimiento del idioma. Al completar estos cursos el alumno comprende lo que se le dice de forma clara, lenta y directa en conversaciones sencillas y cotidianas. Puede expresar acciones pasadas y futuras.

ESPAÑOL intermedio B1

Dirigidos a estudiantes que utilizan de forma prácticamente correcta las estructuras de presente, pasado y futuro. Al finalizar estos cursos la comunicación escrita y oral del estudiante es adecuada en situaciones diferentes. Conoce y utiliza eficazmente las principales estructuras utilizando las formas del subjuntivo. Además, dispone de habilidades de conversación (coherencia, cohesión, conectores, negociación, corrección de errores o malentendidos, etc.).

ESPAÑOL intermedio avanzado B2

Dirigidos a estudiantes que son capaces de argumentar eficazmente y desenvolverse con soltura en un discurso de carácter social. El objetivo de estos cursos es desarrollar la habilidad del estudiante para hacer valoraciones, expresar deseos, hipótesis y opiniones y transmitir mensajes. Asimismo, el estudiante también adquiere un mayor conocimiento del idioma y de la cultura, participando en conversaciones con fluidez y naturalidad.


Dirigidos a estudiantes que poseen un nivel más que avanzado de español. Al finalizar estos cursos el alumno es capaz de comprender una amplia variedad de textos extensos y con cierto nivel de exigencia, así como reconocer en ellos sentidos implícitos. Se expresa de forma fluida y espontánea sin muestras muy evidentes de esfuerzo para encontrar la expresión adecuada. Asimismo, el estudiante puede hacer un uso flexible y efectivo del idioma para fines sociales, académicos y profesionales y produce textos claros, bien estructurados y detallados sobre temas de cierta complejidad.


Dirigidos a estudiantes que poseen un dominio operativo eficaz del español. El objetivo de estos cursos es que el estudiante adquiera la competencia lingüística necesaria para desenvolverse en cualquier situación con total eficacia, mostrando una capacidad espontánea de adaptación a cualquier contexto, con un grado de precisión elevado. Al finalizar estos cursos el usuario muestra un dominio sutil de los matices que dota de fluidez natural a todas sus intervenciones.

Gráfico niveles de español


TLCdénia Languages
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Nikita Moroz
Nikita Moroz
09:37 21 Feb 20
This is a great language school. Highly recommended!
Leigh Morant
Leigh Morant
19:30 20 Feb 20
My (then 12 and 14 year old) children and I studied Spanish at TLC Denia for 2 weeks in July of 2018. I took the adult 20 hour/week class and they did the... junior/teenage summer program where they studied in the classroom and in the late afternoon they would go exploring with 2 monitors. Because of the age of my daughter (12 at the time) I was not required to but I did chose to tagalong on many of these excursions. We stayed with a host family. Overall this was a wonderful experience and we are repeating it again this summer. This is a very good school and it continues to improve with time. I am excited to see the new classrooms and courtyard they’ve added recently. We love Denia. It is the perfect summer seaside, small, friendly, and there is no need for a car. Everything is walkable or accessible by public buses. One thing to note language-wise is that most local people speak Valencian among themselves, not Castilian Spanish, but you will be learning Castilian Spanish at TLC.All levels of Spanish are offered. Be sure to speak up to your instructor if you feel the level is not quite right. I was moved up a level after my first week and I probably should have said something sooner. We chose to live with a family for the purpose of practicing Spanish. This was a great experience. Our Spanish mom was a wonderful host and we had many great conversations. We are looki Nd forward to staying with her again! I would recommend half board for adults so that you get out and explore the local cuisine...which is not to be missed!There are many incredibly exciting sites for the teenagers to explore with their program and they will create memories to last a lifetime. Don’t expect them to be overly supervised or coddled. I would NOT send teens who have special needs or ADHD on this program alone. They need to be somewhat self-advocating and street smart to navigate their way to and from school. They must also at times navigate the social nuances of interaction with the other teenage students from other countries that may be quite different than their own.TLC Denia has a special program in a very special place. I know of no other programs where an entire family if all ages and levels can be on vacation together and also learning Spanish.leer más
Nils Kaehler
Nils Kaehler
21:50 23 Jan 20
What a fantastic language school, I enjoyed 2 years of Spanish at the TLC and it was the first time I really liked to go to school... great staff, great... location, the best way to learn Spanish and have a great time!!leer más
Eric Quinones
Eric Quinones
14:00 20 Dec 19
I took my 9 year-old daughter for Spanish language courses. She is a heritage speaker but needs a lot of reinforcement. TLC Denia did a great job. The... course was right for her skill level and her teacher was both fun and demanding. We also did the sailing component and, after some initial misgivings, my daughter really embraced it and wants to do it again. We recommend TLC Denia with great enthusiasm. One more thing: Denia is one gem of a town!leer más
N Jamieson
N Jamieson
15:56 23 Jul 19
Accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, TLCdenia is a great option if you are looking for a Spanish-language school outside the big urban centres. The team is... very friendly and professional, both in terms of the teaching and support outside the classroom. The centre itself is very modern (with good aircon) and the teachers make use of different media to make the learning experience more engaging. Denia itself is quite laid back and has a large selection of restaurants. Attended in July 2019.leer más
Lawrence Horwitz
Lawrence Horwitz
03:41 24 Aug 18
This family run school has people who genuinely care about the program and its mission. Two generations work together to make this school a well-run school -... excellent teachers, outstanding administrators, and tons of personal care and attention. A real gem.leer más
Courtney Horwitz
Courtney Horwitz
02:33 24 Aug 18
I can't say enough good things about TLCDenia. Maria, Santos, Alex, all of the staff and all of the teachers are excellent. First, the teaching was superb. ... My husband, 5 year old daughter, and I all attended the family language camp for two weeks. Our Spanish improved and we had so much fun learning. The class my husband and I were in was relaxed, lots of fun conversations with classmates and the teachers but also serious about teaching. The teachers were all very skilled and pleasant to be with. My 5 year old was in the younger kids camp and she loved it. The teachers were young and energetic and they went on fun adventures around town each afternoon. The school's facilities are excellent-comfortable, good wifi, air conditioning, etc. And they are located right in the center of town. But TLC Denia offers so much more than language classes. Every afternoon/evening there was an activity organized by the school that we could participate in, for free! We all went to a salsa dancing lesson one afternoon. We went to the fish market and learned about the fish auction another afternoon, we went to a paella cooking demo and of course eating at the owner's mothers' house. All of the kids went swimming while we drank sangria and learned how to make paella, we went to the public market and then went out for tapas. During all of these activities, our TLCDenia guide spoke to us in Spanish. These afternoon and evening excursions really added to our experience.And there is more, we rented an apartment on the beach through TLCDenia. It was less expensive than anything I found on airbnb. And it was terrific. It was across the street from the beach and in front of a pool. We were in the water, everyday! We had a little outdoor patio overlooking the pool, where we ate dinner. The apartment was clean, nicely furnished and had every amenity we could desire-including beach chairs, floats for the water, a stocked kitchen, washer and dryer, dishwasher, etc.And there is still more, TLCDenia is run by a family and they make you feel like you are part of their family. They took loving care of us while we were in Denia. We had our 2 year old son with us as well. TLCDenia found a daycare for him to go to while we were at our Spanish language class. They told us what bus to take from the apartment to school and at what time to catch it so we'd have time to drop off our 2 year old and get to class on time. They showed us around the apartment when we arrived, they drove us back to our apartment after the paella cooking demo as it was a long walk for our children. And I'm still not done, I would be remiss if I didn't mention how magical the city of Denia is. It has everything you could want in a vacation city, a bustling harbor that brings in fresh fish to the restaurants and fish market, beautiful, endless beaches, mountains with a castle on top, and in the middle of all of this is a quaint town with many pedestrian only streets and delicious restaurants.You should buy your ticket today to fly to Denia and go to TLC Denia language school. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Maria, Santos and Alex for everything!leer más
Alex Doldan Timor
Alex Doldan Timor
12:35 10 Nov 15
TLCdénia is a family-run boutique Spanish school, an ideal place to learn the language and have a great experience. Teachers are very nice and highly... qualified. Personalized attention, cleanness and flexibility are some of the characteristics of the school.leer más
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